MeadowsBeeFarm.com is a contribution to the current conversation about food, agriculture and the environment. In the face of today’s challenges, I think we need to reassess and reprioritize our approaches in order to take effective, concrete action and realize our goals. Through visits to Africa, China and the Americas in the past decade, it became increasingly clear to me that we are in the midst of a changing paradigm—water and food shortages abound, and deteriorating soils and ecosystems seem the new planet-stressing norm that have led us into a precarious situation.

These impressions encouraged me to shift my own focus from art to agriculture and global sustainability. Lester Brown’s bright voice supported my hunches with his book Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization, which points out that only our focused call to action will make the difference in stabilizing our planet for present and future generations.

This site shows how we are learning to raise food and to work to ease the global crises. With examples of orchards, gardens, wildcrafting and livestock-rearing as well as alternative energy installations, I am highlighting the efforts our family and crew are making to become both more self-sufficient and more of a global community partner. I hope this website will persuade you to join me in your own garden.

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