Inspirations also shows places that we purchase anything from seeds to gardening tools. Take a look around for some amazing products that will help you thrive on your land.

tts logo St. Lawrence Nursery — One of the best places to buy trees, St. Lawrence Nursery has an amazing selection of trees and bushes for your edible homestead.
tts logo Turtle Tree Seed — A small non-profit seed company that sells 100% open-pollinated vegetable, herb and flower seeds. They are all grown using biodynamic and organic practices both in our seed garden and by other farmers and gardeners who use biodynamic methods. All of their seed is non-gmo, non-hybrid, never treated, and grown without the use of chemical inputs.
red p logo Red Pig Garden Tools — They make garden tools the old fashioned way—by hand. They use steel, fire, an anvil and good, honest sweat. These hand crafted tools are stronger, sharper, and will last longer than any others you can buy.

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