Notes and Resources

Other Bee Notes:

Bees need a water source; I have a small pond for them in the orchard.
Weather – according to legend John Lovell, bees need vigorous rain for abundant nectar and then hot dry seasons as bees can’t work in wet conditions.

Honey Bee Resources – Educate Yourself!


Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture
Ross Conrad, Chelsea Green Publishing 1997 reprint [ISBN-10: 1933392088]

Bees, with an afterword on the Art of Joseph Beuys
Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophic Press 1998 [ISBN-10: 0880104570]

Honey Plants of North America
John H. Lovell, A. I. Root Company, 1926 [ISBN-10: 0936028203]

A Spring without Bees: How Colony Collapse Disorder Has Endangered Our Food Supply
Michael Schacker, forward by Bill McKibben, The Lyons Press 2008 [ISBN-10: 1599216000]


Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary –

The Pfeiffer Center, Spring Valley, NY –
Honeybee classes and biodynamic farming courses.

Sources for Beekeeping Supplies:

Betterbee –

Brushy Mountain Bee Supply – 

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