What is Agroliving?


Agroliving is a website dedicated to working towards sustainability through agriculture and experimentation. Highlighted in this site will be many voices sharing how they are problem solving while growing and gathering food. There will be a bit of news and some outreach but overall a few sites dominate this space, Meadows Bee Farm, a southern Vermont biodynamic farm which houses a raw milk dairy of Jersey cows, and a variety of llamas, sheep, chickens, peacocks, turkeys, and bees alongside an intercropped orchard, mushroom logs, nature trails, and a variety of medicinal and permaculture gardens. Leigh’s Bees product line of healing creams, teas and tinctures are the result of these medicinal gardens and beehives while Raw Jersey Milk is available for sale at Meadows Bee Farm, Windham VT. Please follow our Agroliving Team as they post here sharing new projects. 

We welcome you to our site and we hope you will join us on our journey towards a more sustainable world. We can grow our food as we heal our environment and find joy together in our world.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMBF cow portrait 2-13 small


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