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Garden GatesAgro-forestry

Agroforestry mimics the forest, it is created by planting like the forest but using an assortment of trees, shrubs, medicinals and vegetables which when combined offer numerous benefits for humans, the eco-system and wildlife. An example might be combining oak trees, and birch trees, and underplanting them with apples and pears. and then adding gooseberries and cranberries with Echinacea, peas and flowers. This assortment will provide nuts, crafts, coppiced wood, fruits, medicinal plants, greens and nitrogen as well as providing nutrients for the soil. Interspersed with these plantings could be a variety of plots dedicated to annual agriculture like grains. Finally, livestock (silvopasture) can also be introduced as cows and sheep can graze under the trees depositing their nutrient rich manure and helping to clean up plots between seasons. Here at AgroLiving we have many experiments active with a variety of agroforests, as well as other examples found throughout the world.

LM water Uganda 2


News happening in the world outside of Agroliving.

Arts and Crafts

Art, sewing, music, shoe making, knitting, spinning, painting, wood working, etc.



  Rudolf Steiner, calendar, etc.

WTCS pizza ovenBuilding

Alternative building methods, tepees, construction, etc.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 12.27.01 PM


Renewable energies are clean, have a lower environmental impact while reducing our dependence on imported oil. Alternative energy is something we’ve had a great time exploring on our farm. Currently we are using solar voltaic and solar thermal energy. Our voltaic system is a ground array and it generates all of the electricity we use on the farm. It feeds into net metering, we are credited for the power created and then we take back what is needed and are able to transfer the rest to another off farm site. Solar thermal generates the hot water for our farm and house. It is a much smaller system and sits on our roof collecting heat from the sun which is then transferred into our hot water tank. The fantastic thing about this is the solar hot water works even on the coldest days in the dead of winter. I will develop some posts describing in detail each of the systems we are using.

Food & Recipes

Any info on co-ops, farmer’s markets, recipes, restaurants, and anything “food”.

MBF wild onion bundle sm 1Foraging

 Wild foods, mushrooms, ramps, etc.




Alternative medicine, exercise, yoga, tinctures, plants for healing, etc.

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Our Homestead is all about experiments with self-sufficiency. We focus on our fruit, vegetable and medicinal herb gardens, fruit and nut orchards, woodlands and the raising of heritage breed livestock. We have a small raw milk Jersey dairy, make numerous products, preserve and ferment foods. Our homestead strives for a balanced eco-system and an on-farm attitude with no chemicals, artificial fertilizers or unnatural inputs of any kind. Though the practice of homesteading involves much hard work it is also a place for community and sharing of ideas often around a good homegrown meal.

In the Garden

Anything happening in the garden, including surrounding suburban homesteads.

image[2]Leigh’s Bees

 Updates on existing or new products, specials, etc.


On the Farm

Anything happening at Meadows Bee Farm, including other surrounding farms.


Blueberries,cranberries, strawberries, these are the typical things that we preserve at AgroLiving.  Foods fresh from the garden, summer is an abundant time to gather provisions for the rest of the year.  We’ve been experimenting with other types of food, mushrooms, herbs and more.  Two years ago during a blackout my husband and I sat on the front porch and read a pressure-canning manual.  Then we went to the freezer and took out lamb and made an incredible lamb veggie stew which we are still eating today.  This section will address some preserving ideas.




Water is the critical resource of our time. We all wonder if there will be enough at the right place at the right time. How can we help to ensure that we have the water we need? At AgroLiving we farm with swales, ponds and rain catchment systems. We’ll show examples here of what that means and what difference it makes to our families and our crops.

copy-agrohead_wp_65_light1.pngWebsite Updates

       Any updates or changes to either or, including any social media sites such as facebook, instagram, and twitter. 

wrcpWest Townshend VT Country Store, Thrift Shop, Cafe

News, special events, specials, etc.



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