When choosing perennials for the home edible forest, elderberries are a perfect choice as a border 
shrub because of the prolific berries they offer each fall. The sweet berries can be used in pies, jam, juice and wine. Mixed with soda, it makes a delicious and healthy beverage. Long used in traditional medicine, today numerous studies are being undertaken to reveal elderberries’ immune enhancing and anticarcinogenic properties.

Any yard will be enhanced by planting several varieties of this easy to grow, decorative shrub.



Elderberries are a beautiful addition to the home landscape, but pick them quick as the birds will eagerly devour this luscious, high quality nutritious fruit.


elderberries_02_01_hires elderberries_02_02_hireselderberries_02_03_hires (1)


Many different cultivars can be grown, each with slightly different characteristics — Adams, Kent, Nova and York.

elderberries_02_04_hires elderberries_02_05_hires

Elderberry plants can be purchased from St. Lawrence Nurseries, Potsdam, NY. www.sln.potsdam.ny.us

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