Leigh’s Bees

Leigh’s Bees is our farm-grown line of products made with honey, beeswax and medicinal herbs. These homegrown products are lovingly crafted on the farm to heal body and skin. Using farming methods inspired by biodynamic and organic practices, and never using pesticides or insecticides, our goal at Meadows Bee Farm and Leigh’s Bees is to create something so pure you could eat it and so healthy it heals the entire body. Below are some of our best sellers. For all Leigh Bees products, just click on the link below.


 Our Best Sellers

Winter/ Summer Salve

This is my very first creation and my best seller. I have been perfecting this recipe for a long time, striving to make a superb healing salve. The ingredients are only the best and are hand-made in small batches to ensure top quality.


Super Salve
This product is super amazing! Enjoy all of the benefits of my original salve, but with more of the same herbs and honey. 

Calendula Oil

This calendula oil was created to treat small, troubled areas- such as cuts, rashes, and dry skin.  



Harmonizing Herbal Blend

A healthy treat on a cold afternoon, or any time your body asks! This tea is made up of  healthy herbs that each contain beneficial qualities.  I like adding honey or maple syrup to add a little bit of sweetness.


Valerian Root Tincture
Wow! This is some powerful stuff! I love taking this tincture on long plane rides, or when I simply cannot sleep. Try putting it in some warm milk right before bed. 

Small Sampler

This is a great way to sample a variety of my products in this money saving package.