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Climate March 2014

The Climate March was a huge success! So many active people spreading the word about the climate crisis. Did any of you end up going? What did you think about the march? Please share your comments!

Climate March NYC 9/21- Join Us!!!

Hello everyone!!!! Tomorrow is a very exciting day, because starting at 11:30am is NYC’s Climate March to raise awareness and demand action on climate change. Time is running out and we cannot wait any longer. We need action now! Here is more info on the march. Hope to see you there!  

Rotational grazing

Thankfully, we had a very successful lambing, ending with 9 ewes giving birth to 13 lambs, everyone did really well. I think it’s worth noting the importance of quality care and it’s long term benefit on the herd. Throughout winter we are daily addressing nutrition and parasite control through good hay, a tidy barnyard and […]