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FOUND- Quality Garden Tools!

Hello! Finally some good, handmade garden tools! I found this great little company that only buys handmade, quality products. The Grub Hoe was handmade in Holland with a lifetime guarantee and the the shovel was made in Germany with a lifetime guaranty as well. They were much pricier than other garden tools that you would find […]

Meadows Bee Farm Experiments with Small Scale Farming

Meadows Bee Farm had a very productive year in 2014, focused on our raw milk dairy, some experimental farm and garden techniques, and the sharing of our agricultural style with numerous young farmers, schoolchildren, and other visitors. In the Dairy: Milk is a large part of what we produce at MBF. Our cows like to […]

Clementine and her Cold Weather Calf

Each spring and summer we look forward to our big, beautiful cows calving a small, beautiful calf. Often times this event will take place out in the field, in the soft grass with the sheep and llama in attendance. This winter, with the help of our oldest cow Clementine, we had the chance to experience […]

I Love Our Farm!!! Oh the memories…..

Rotational grazing

Thankfully, we had a very successful lambing, ending with 9 ewes giving birth to 13 lambs, everyone did really well. I think it’s worth noting the importance of quality care and it’s long term benefit on the herd. Throughout winter we are daily addressing nutrition and parasite control through good hay, a tidy barnyard and […]

Spring at Meadows Bee Farm

Spring has finally arrived at the farm, the sap has been boiled and the snow is gone. Now the sheep are front and center. The children from Windham Elementary School visited the farm to watch the sheep being sheared by Gwen Hinman of The Shearer’s Yarn which is located in Acworth NH. Gwen is a […]