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What is Kefir?

What is Kefir? Kefir, pronounced as keh’-feer, alternately known as “Grains of the Prophet Mohammed”, “Drink of the Prophet”, “Tibetan Mushroom”, “Balm of Gilead”, “California Bees”, “Snow Lotus”, kombucha, tibcos, Yogurt Plant”, “Yogurt Mushroom”, is a cultured beverage that originally hails from Russia. It is a fermented, enzyme-rich food resembling yogurt filled with friendly bacteria, […]

FOUND- Quality Garden Tools!

Hello! Finally some good, handmade garden tools! I found this great little company that only buys handmade, quality products. The Grub Hoe was handmade in Holland with a lifetime guarantee and the the shovel was made in Germany with a lifetime guaranty as well. They were much pricier than other garden tools that you would find […]

What to Do with All This Fruit?! Pt. 2

Hello again! More apples need a home!!! How about apple cinnamon chips?      

What To Do With All This Fruit?! Pt. 1

Hello! We HAD a basket full of apples and Asian pears that couldnt be eaten quick enough before they would inevitably go bad. It is now in the form of delicious, sweet rolls in a container that will last MUCH longer. Heres how I did it!

Why Isn’t our Scoby growing?!

Hello everyone. I have noticed in the past few months that our kombucha scoby’s have not been as big and have been more brittle than usual. I wondered if I was doing something wrong? But this can’t be! I have been following the same recipe for the past few years! It had to be something […]

I Love Our Farm!!! Oh the memories…..