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More Evidence Suggests Honeybees Are Dying en Masse Because of Pesticides

More Evidence Suggests Honeybees Are Dying en Masse Because of Pesticides DANIELLE WIENER-BRONNERHoneybees exposed to a certain class of insecticide are more likely to die from Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), the name given to whatever is causing a mass decline in the bee population over the past six years, according to a new study. The […]

Capturing Rainfall to Mitigate Drought

  Drought……… Severe droughts throughout Africa….., threatens communities, causing numerous problems, loss of trees threatens habitat, and loss of lakes and arable land threatens food crops and more…………. Sometimes years of rainless seasons follow each other. Then when it does rain there could be torrential downpours, enormous amounts of water causing devastating flooding, and then […]

Intercropping our Orchard

Intercropping an Agroforested and Permaculture Technique Among other commonalities, agroforestry and permaculture share ancient and organic agricultural techniques, but what is most unique about them is their use of intercropping. Intercropping is an incredibly resilient planting method created by building by a multi-layered, multi-functioning eco-system. Plants of differing heights are all planted together, and each […]


An incredible way to add sustainability to your home-grown lifestyle is to start your own orchard. Once you plant your first tree, you’ll have an abundance of fresh organic fruit and a desire to grow more! Peaches They’re one of the best things about summer, and a peach from one’s own orchard is pure heaven.  […]