FOUND- Quality Garden Tools!

2015/10/29 by Posted in: HomesteadingIn the GardenOn the Farm


Hello! Finally some good, handmade garden tools! I found this great little company that only buys handmade, quality products. The Grub Hoe was handmade in Holland with a lifetime guarantee and the the shovel was made in Germany with a lifetime guaranty as well.

They were much pricier than other garden tools that you would find at the big box stores. The average hoe and shovel at these big stores cost around $20, where the hoe pictured costs $36.50 and the shovel $55, but these seem worth it. I don’t know about you, but I would rather invest my money into something that lasts vs buying something cheaper that will break end up breaking!

I didn’t get these that long ago, so I haven’t really used them yet. Ill let you know how they are in Spring.


One thought on “FOUND- Quality Garden Tools!

  1. tbreview

    There are tools that are designed specifically to be comfortable and not make your hands sore after you are done using them. This is a huge benefit to gardeners because it means that you will be able to spend lots more time out in your garden without getting tired or sore. You need to pick the chores that are good and healthy to do and do the big landscaping duties with ergonomic power tools like a Mantis Tiller.


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