What To Do With All This Fruit?! Pt. 1

2015/09/17 by Posted in: Food & RecipesHomesteadingPreserving

Hello! We HAD a basket full of apples and Asian pears that couldnt be eaten quick enough before they would inevitably go bad. It is now in the form of delicious, sweet rolls in a container that will last MUCH longer. Heres how I did it!


I cored and peeled about half of the basket of fruit, leaving the other half with the skins and seeds. After, I cut into pieces that the Vitamix could handle more easily.


It took me about three trips to the Vitamix to be able to blend all of the fruit. I also added a ripe banana and half a lemon to the mix.


I then mixed all of the batches together in one giant bowl to ensure consistency.


I spread the blend onto Excalibur silicone sheets. I dehydrated the sheets for about 7 hours on 135 degrees.


Finished!!! They peel up nicely, showing that they are ready to be rolled.


I cut them in halves, quarters, and thirds and gave each of them a tight roll.


The finished product. They taste delicious and super sweet! A super healthy treat and a great solution to a lot of fruit with no place to go! I really love the long shelf life of these too. Enjoy!!

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