Pond Update

2015/07/09 by Posted in: In the Garden

If you remember last year, we had the idea to make a pond in the tennis court so we’d have a flow of water into the garden. After about a year after the completion of the pond, we realized that we needed circulation, as the water was turning brown and starting to stink! So last week we made some real progress towards this awesome project! After draining the pond, we cleared the hole out of any rocks to make room for the pond liner. This proved to be a difficult task because there was a boulder about 600lb dead center of the pond and the slippery mud didn’t help either. We eventually got it out by rolling it onto a tarp and pulling it out! Then after we placed in the pond liner, we pushed the boulder back in and placed a fountain on top of it to allow for circulation. The next steps now are to bring this pond we made to be part of our garden ecosystem, we’ll update you when that time comes!

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