Why Isn’t our Scoby growing?!

2015/03/19 by Posted in: Food & RecipesHomesteading

Hello everyone. I have noticed in the past few months that our kombucha scoby’s have not been as big and have been more brittle than usual. I wondered if I was doing something wrong? But this can’t be! I have been following the same recipe for the past few years! It had to be something else. So, after a bit of research, I came across this great blog. One of the posts was on whether using a heating pad was necessary. After seeing that others were having the same problem as me, I knew it was because the heating pad we used was shot. Wanting to prove this theory, (we use a seed mat that is barely warm to the touch) I will conduct a little experiment just to be sure. The picture below shows the seed mat that we currently use. I compared an old kombucha hot plate with a new one and definitely felt the difference. 20150319_175345-1

You can also see the bigger than usual kombucha jars that we use. This definitely needs more heat for such a big vessel. Let’s see what happens! 20150319_180816-1


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