Processing Beeswax for Leigh’s Bees

Ever wonder how we process the wax in our Leigh’s Bees products? Here I’m going to show you how to process your own beeswax straight from the hive. It’s a very simple process. Equipment needed- Tall pot, large spoon, strainer, tray, old t-shirt (Be sure to use old equipment that will solely be used for this process from now on. Wax is impossible to clean off)   After you have taken the honey out of the comb, the first step is to put all of the wax with the excess honey on a tray. Put the tray back out near the bees so they can gather all of the honey.

Food for the bees, clean wax for us!IMG_1782IMG_1786

(Can you see all of the bees gathering the honey in the second picture?) Next, take the clean wax from the bees and put in a large pot. I suggest using an old pot that would have no other purpose than processing wax. Don’t be afraid to jam the beeswax in the pot to make room for more. This is all going to be melted in the next step anyway. Once the pot is full, fill with water. (Figure about 50% wax, 50% water.)  Boil the water with the beeswax. As the water boils, the beeswax will melt making more room for more beeswax if you still have some. Be sure to add more water if you decide to do this. The water prevents the wax from sticking to the pot when cool. Use the strainer and spoon to take out all of the debris that will end up floating to the top. Use the large spoon to push the debris against the strainer, allowing more of the wax to push through. Once most of the large debris is gone, let the pot cool (I let it sit overnight). In the morning, you will have a solid thick piece of wax floating on the top of your water filled pot.

LM beeswax cleaning

For the second stage of processing, melt down this solid chunk of wax again using the same process as before, but on a smaller scale since the wax is now condensed and you can really see how much water you need. I pour the melted wax this time into an old T-shirt into another old pot. Can you see all of the debris still left in the beeswax that is now in the shirt? Add water to the new pot and boil everything. Once boiled, let cool overnight. You can see in the second picture above the wax after it has been processed. The first disc is the first stage, and the second disc is the second stage.

Tip!- Put all of your equipment in the pot used to process and submerse in boiling water on the stove. This will help get the wax of of your tools.

How do you or other beekeepers process bees wax? See any flaws in this method? Let us know in the comments below.

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