Cold Spring in the Northeast

2014/04/30 by Posted in: On the Farm

This spring is so cold we didn’t have much of a maple sugaring season as it was freezing, often below zero and never had the warm cool rhythm needed for the sap to move up the trees. Early blooming trees never bloomed as it was too cold and the flowers all bloomed at once about a week ago in NJ and not yet in VT. On the farm the sheep were really late in their birthing schedules and we are going through a ton of hay as the sheep and cows all eat more to stay warm as they generate heat through digesting hay in their four stomachs. Today we are feeding the bees herbal sugar syrup again as they can’t forage outdoors and frankly it looks like it might hail or snow. I see that preparations for the future needs to account for finicky moving weather, out of the mainstream and erratic at best. Good to think about as we move forward and figure out how to plan for crops and livestock.

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