Biodynamic Cycles: The In and Out Breath of the Planet Earth

2014/04/29 by Posted in: Biodynamics

“The Earth is a living ensouled organism which brings forth the plants, the animals and the physical being of humankind out of its inner forces.” (Rudolf Steiner,  The Cycle of the Year- 4 lectures 1923).  As a living organism, our planet Earth inhales and exhales, yearly and daily.  This mighty breathing of the Earth is in direct relationship to the surrounding cosmos.  Beginning with the Easter Season (equinox), the long exhale starts which continues through St. John’s Tide or the Summer Solstice, around June 21st.  This long exhalation can be experience in all the rapid growth and green-up that we experience here in the northern hemisphere when all the elemental beings are released.

The Fall Equinox or Michalemas (end of September) starts the long inhalation which brings all the elemental beings back into the bosom of the Earth.  Winter is the time when the Earth is the most self contained the most earthy. This inhalation continues thought Christmas or the Winter Solstice until Easter when the exhalation starts once again; one in breath and one out breaths each year.  “The cycle of the Earth is carried out in relation to the cosmos, in a kind of in-breathing and out-breathing of those forces constituting the soul element of the earth.” (RS The Cycle of the Year)

The planet also has a daily exhalation in the morning or “out breath” and the daily inhalation or “in breath” in the evening.  Biodynamic  farmers spray preparation 500 (it promotes; reproduction and growth, root activity, stimulates the soil, micro bacterial life, helps germinate seeds and regulates lime and nitrogen content) in the late afternoon towards evening when the in breath of the earth will take “in” the preparation. Some preparations (there are 8) and agricultural tasks are performed in the morning to compliment the out breath.

Please refer to the Biodynamic calendar, Stella Natura and Maria Thun’s planting calendar and the Agriculture Course and lectures by Rudolf Steiner for further reading on breathing cycle of our ensouled planet earth.  Enjoy the out breath!


Carol Avery

April 2014

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