The Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design Presents Nature as Measure

2014/03/05 by Posted in: Agro-news

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4 comments on “The Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design Presents Nature as Measure

  1. Leigh Merinoff

    When we planned this event at Cooper Union and invited Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson to debate the Future of Agriculture with Mark Bittman, in April 4, 2014 we never anticipated the huge response. 1,000 seats spoken for within days, phones ringing off the walls. I am struggling with my own guest list, how to get them in. Certainly, this shows me that a. we are on the right track and b. the current system of ind. ag filled with neonicitinoids, gmo’s and big ag. are not on the right course for a full living food system respecting nature and creating a thriving agricultural system. Thank you Wes and Wendell for your commitment to this cause! Thank you Mark for agreeing to bring this forward. Stay tuned to see how we resolve this.


  2. Pamela Morris

    Wow Leigh! This certainly is impressive! I hope that your Grandmother can see this!


  3. Lorraine Lewandrowski

    It has not been that long ago that NYC groups fought for Cheaper Milk out of rural NY. The NYTimes railed against farmer cartels and consumer groups urged that even pennies more for dairy farmers was a “transfer of wealth” to rural NY. In the end, farmer collective bargaining was smashed. Thousands of dairy farms were lost upstate.
    These days, Mark Bittman tells NYC food groups that milk is unhealthy and he is the darling of the food movement.
    Urban food groups turned their backs on Upstate farmers again in 2009 whrn we suffered through a milk price crash that left suicide and despair.upstate.
    Commodity farmers from.upstate are excluded from virtually every food movement group meeting in NYC.


  4. Lorraine Lewandrowski

    Its been kind of crazy how urban food movement groups have not welcomed deep rural New York commodity farmers, like dairy farmers into their fold. Over and over, we have tried to speak with food movement leaders, but as of this writing, we remain fairly invisible. When will actual farmers who farm the lands of deep rural NY be included. NY has 7.2 million acres of farmland. Fully one third of that land is devoted to woodlots and perennial pasture. We are indeed, a wild and pretty land.


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