New calves and Fresh Milk

The WHCD has grown to two milking jerseys and three offspring. Our 3 year old, Clementine, calved a pretty heifer named Celeste ,in honor of the full moon on which she was born. Two year old Mercy calved in mid summer bringing another pretty little heifer to the farm named Molly Molasses.  Clementines calf from last spring, Clover, lives down the road with her Grandmother, Firefly, until she’s ready to calve next summer.  We have found it tremendously beneficial to keep the calves with their mothers as it helps keep the moms stripped during the day which keeps Mastitis at bay and, creates a solid foundation for the calves to grow healthy and learn how to be a cow.

Our goal is to offer quality milk people can feel good about drinking.  The animals are part of our family and provide so much to our lives that to do otherwise would be unkind and ultimately, unproductive.  We have been able to satisfy a good group of about 20 families while milking only once a day. We usually get between 3 and 4 gallons each morning and the rest goes to the calves. Every day or two the herd (along with the cows we have sheep and a llama) is moved along the pasture using electronet fencing to give them the best grass and keep parasites down. At the end of the day the calves are put in their calf crib which is in the “cow lounge” along with their mothers to bed down for the night together. So far, milking once a day has worked well for us and allows the cows and calves a more natural existence. photo(2)

One thought on “New calves and Fresh Milk

  1. Leigh Merinoff

    Beth, nice article about milking. Thank you so much for enlightening us to the wonders of milking on our own dairy and the goal of providing this incredible resource full of vitamins and nutrients to our neighbors in Vermont.


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