Backyard Chickens

2013/03/18 by Tagged with:
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Pei and baby Indy

I look out my studio window and snow is falling.  I think about how much I am looking forward to putting 12 fertilized eggs in the nesting box for hatching on Mother’s day. I can see it now; Pei, Candy and Penny all sitting in one nesting box for 21 days.  A few years back my Mom was visiting from Detroit for Mother’s day and 3 chicks hatched.  She held a chick with a huge smile and said we need a champagne toast. A warm memory now that my mom cannot travel at the age of 90. The eggs come from Meadows Bee Farm in Vermont and I never know what kind of chicks I am going to have.  One time I had a chick that had a face of a dinosaur and I was never able to catch it let alone hold it. The girls across the street love to come over hold the chicks and watch them grow. When they are old enough I give them away (the chicks not the girls).  Only one more month to wait!


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