Morning Chores – Note from February

2013/03/14 by Posted in: HomesteadingIn the Garden

Chicken coop February 2 2013
It was cold this morning. Going out to the coop Pei was the upper shelf and Penny and Candy in the nesting box. Candy is still brooding and I think Penny was either laying an egg or keeping warm. I fed them left over vegetables, end of sprouted bread with yogurt on top and some sunflower seed with their regular feed. Cleaned out their nightly droppings and filled the heated water bowl. This is Pei’s 4th winter and Penny’s 1st. I did not open the door to their run, figured it is to cold at 11 degrees. I might go out later and open it if the sun stays out. I took note that I could staple some cloth on the nesting box to keep it warm inside like I did last year. I will also add some more leaves to the coop. The deep bedding method is working out great. I collect 20 bags of leaves in the fall and add them to the coop once a week. When the chickens scratch the leaves they break it down to perfect compost. Then when I clean the coop out once or twice a year the bedding is  perfect for a new garden bed. The leaves also keep the chickens warm.  One of the nice things about keeping backyard chickens is it gets me outside even on the coldest of days.


One thought on “Morning Chores – Note from February

  1. Leigh Merinoff

    Clare, thanks for posting an update on the turkeys- it gives me a bit of insight into how soon before spring will be here! We love everything about turkeys and look forward to the new hatchlings! all the best, Leigh


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