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For years my family and friends have been nourished by Amos Millers wonderful food from Pennsylvania.  Amos is an Amish farmer whose farm is in the town of Bird-in-Hand.  He has been supplying my family with raw cow, goat and sheep products, and all meats from snout to tail from chicken to pork and beef to eggs- (no soy feed and fertilized!) Cultures veggies- sauerkraut etc. and breads, noodles, maple syrup, honey crispy nuts, kombucha, ginger ale and raw apple cider.  Amos has hundreds of wonderful, unadulterated, organic items for you and your family to enjoy.  The best part is that now he will be dropping off his food in Haworth, NJ every other Saturday, next delivery is March 2, then the 16th etc. etc. .  I had to drive to Chestnut Ridge, NY to get his food but I have persuaded him into letting us build a Haworth Co-op at the home of Victoria Masters.

To join this incredible food-buying club and get the monthly specials please visit on line.  You can get farm food info on line two ways. Go to the Millersorganicfarm web site and hit subscribe, leave your email and it automatically shoots back a membership form and a price list.  Or go to;, at the tippy top is a tag for price list (tiny!) and Miller’s Organic Farm info is there.  This is a Florida based group so the drop off doesn’t apply.  But it gives you an idea of price and great videos by Joel Salatin and others.  You can also call Amos tell him I sent you at 717-556-0672.   You can leave a message/order after hours as well, leave your phone number and you must say “HAWORTH COOP”. You must order by Wednesday (Thursday is OK) for Saturday delivery.  Victoria lives on 153 Madison Ave in Haworth, NJ.  The boxes with your name and your bill are left on the front porch at about 10:30 on Saturday morning. Please mail your payment checks as soon as you have checked your order, feed back on products is welcome.

There is a one-time club membership fee of $35 dollars.  This money is for small farmers lobbyists in Washington DC.  The small farmers and people like Amos are being shut down by large food corporations- for example raw dairy products are illegal in NJ.  In NY you can buy them at the farm in Florida raw milk is sold as pet food in CT you can buy it right in the super market.   In any case we need more people to join the Haworth Coop so try some great food for family and friends.


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Bon Appetit

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