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Backyard Chicken blog: Bergen County, NJ – 2-6-13



I keep chickens in my suburban backyard and love it! My neighbors next door are never complaining about my chickens even though their fence is two feet from my chicken coop. They have even asked if I still have chickens after many years of having them. The neighbor had a dog that had a hunter instinct but very sweet and really wanted my chickens. He barked at them all the time. Years went by and the dog got old and died. There is a new puppy next door from a shelter and he is as sweet as can be. He thinks it’s normal to have chickens next door. He stands on the picnic table and barks at me – not the chickens. It has been years that I have had chickens and I love them. They are the best. My property is very small but with only a couple of chickens it works out. Pumpkin ate too many pumpkin seeds and passed away last October so I am down to three: Pei, Penny and Candy. Pei is my oldest girl who looks like an eagle. She is no longer queen of the coop. Penny; shimmering black hatched in the coop this spring has taken hold of the title. She is not so nice especially to Pei. Pei will sit on my lap and eat from my hand and is my favorite but she has had a hard year. Her best buddy Lucy met her demise last January 2012. We walked into the backyard with a big hawk on top of her. Lucy was queen from the beginning. The best mother to the chicks every spring and buddy with Pei. This fall while molting Pei got sick with a cold and lost a lot of weight. She is back to normal and not too happy about winter. We are both looking forward to the long light days with the garden green again.


6 comments on “My Backyard Chickens

  1. Susan J

    What a beautiful story, Amy! How fortunate for your chickens, that they’re so genuinely loved.


  2. Mary Beth

    It is amazing we become so attached to such simple creatures and what joy they bring us! You have the added bonus of fresh eggs! Do the eggs taste different?


  3. Becky

    I love how each chicken has such an unique personality.

    I ate my first egg in 2 1/2 years from one of these chickens last month at Amy’s house. l savored every bite.


  4. Donna Kilpatrick

    Amy- I love your chickens and your coop! I so enjoyed seeing your wonderful small homestead last year when visiting with Leigh. When I think about friends who have really maximized space to create a home that strives towards sustainability… I often think of yours. Keep up the great work and I hope you are well and happy.


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