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An incredible way to add sustainability to your home-grown lifestyle is to start your own orchard. Once you OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAplant your first tree, you’ll have an abundance of fresh organic fruit and a desire to grow more!


They’re one of the best things about summer, and a peach from one’s own orchard is pure heaven.  Easy to grow, we add compost and lots of mulch to our peach trees. Peaches can be eaten right off the tree, or brought in early and ripened indoors.  We can some of our peaches with maple syrup and open them in the dead of winter to peaches_01_03bring back the flavor of the summer.


Plant a cherry tree in the home orchard and you’ll reap fresh cherries each spring for decades to come. Cherries straight from the tree are such a sweet, tart and juicy little fruit! We freeze whatever we can’t eat in the early summer so we have organic cherries for smoothies and cobblers throughout the year.


Nut trees in the orchard are a perfect complement to fruit. I’ve peach_harvestinggrown two almond trees from whips and harvest gallons of sweet almonds each fall. They are truly organic, unlike store-bought organic almonds that are irradiated under USDA supervision. Sweet and crunchy, we dip them in raw honey from our hives for a perfect snack.



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